Age: 13
Gender: Male
Resides: Donglong Town
Occupation: Delivery Boy
Abilities: Flying
Hair Color: Dark Green
Eye Color: Black
Relatives: Yin (Brother)
Long (Father)
Mei (Mother)
Qing and Hau (Uncles)
Enemies: Nian

Yan is a Chinese boy dragon.

Yan is the son of Mei and Long. Yan lives with his parents near the Long Ramen restaurant, where he sometimes works as a delivery boy. He drives on his red scooter making noodle deliveries to the people of the town. He usually delivers Hong Bai Ramen. Yan is the best friend of Kwai.

Although Yan is a good fighter, he hates fighting and always tries to solve problems without having to fight.


Yan is a Chinese dragon with red fine fur, black eyes, yellow whiskers, dark uncombed green hair and a tuft at the end of his tail, small antlers, and a pair of arms and legs while the rest of his body is serpent-like. Most of the time Yan doesn’t wear any clothes aside from his yellow necklace and in special occasions.


Yan is described as a happy, sweet and helpful boy that’s liked by most of Donglong’s townspeople for his kindness and he even tries to be nice to July (unless she does something to intentionally make Yan angry).



Yan can sometimes be annoyed by Yin's behavior but, the still like each other. They still both care for each other even if it isn't shown as openly.

Mei and Long

They are Yan's parents who will help them when he can and he is very respectful towards them. Mei and Long support Yan no matter what.